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Wentz Real Estate

As industry leaders, Wentz Real Estate had gone through an exceptional period of growth over the last few years and needed a modern-day strategy that could actually support it in the digital era. Sem Express had worked with Ben Wentz in the past to create several videos of client stories, as well as videos to feature new Wentz Real Estate locations that had recently opened. Now, we want to take those efforts and that relationship one step further.

Erik of Sunshine Properties always believed in marketing


Sunshine Properties

Erik of Sunshine Properties always believed in marketing. But, while he was willing to invest, he was never sure how much it made sense to spend. Because he couldn’t clearly see what that investment was doing for him.

Knecht Real Estate

Kirsten spent years working for other agencies and dreaming of owning her own agency before finally launching her startup agency just 6 weeks before COVID struck — talk about bad timing!

Smilecrew Real Estate

Connor Despot bought his agency in Cyprus, in October of 2019. And while he was planning on growth from the beginning, he describes those early days as “pure chaos.”

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