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driving client acquisition with Artificial Intelligence.

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Marketing Reinvented

Sem Express revolutionizes real estate marketing with advanced AI tech and proven strategies.

Pick Top Campaigns

Sem Express allows real estate agencies to easily choose from an array of proven, successful campaign offers, reducing the guesswork and enhancing conversion rates.

AI Lead Identification

With precision and intelligence, our software identifies high-quality leads, creating a reliable pipeline for your real estate agency.

AI Lead Nurturing

Our AI effectively nurtures leads, prepping them for booking consultations or visits, ensuring seamless operations for your agents.

Witness firsthand how Sem Express is redefining real estate marketing strategies, delivering transformative results.

Say Goodbye to

Marketing Agencies

With Sem Express, real estate agencies gain access to a range of proven campaigns designed to attract new clients across various modalities including buyers, sellers,

International, and more. Managed by our AI system and team, these campaigns enable real estate professionals to ditch their marketing agencies for good, saving thousands in fees while delivering superior results.

Effortless Lead-to-

Client Transition

Our innovative system, powered by conversational AI, eliminates the complexity of turning leads into clients. Front desk staff need not be sales experts, as the system nurtures leads to the point of scheduling. This three-step process integrates seamlessly into any workflow, using best practice strategies to exceed industry averages for conversion rates.

Eternal Lead Follow-Up

Sem Express doesn’t believe in lost leads. We continuously nurture all leads, no matter how old, ensuring every advertising cent works harder for your agency. Even leads as old as 240 days have been transformed into paying clients through our relentless follow-up. This eternal nurturing feature demonstrates our commitment to maximizing your agency’s advertising investment.

Investing in Your Agency's Success.

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