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How To Completely Automate New Client Acquisition... In 3 Steps!


Sem Express revolutionizes real estate marketing with advanced AI tech and proven strategies.

With Sem Express, real estate agencies gain access to a range of proven Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ad campaigns designed to attract new clients across various modalities including buyers, sellers, International, and more.

Managed by our AI system and team, these campaigns enable real estate professionals to ditch their marketing agencies for good, saving thousands in fees while delivering superior results.

Step 1: Get Leads From
Every Channel ...Not Just Advertising.

Sem Express can get leads from everywhere
...not just from your ads or website.

  • Get Leads Directly From Facebook Lead Forms ...And Follow Up With Them Automatically!

  • Get Leads Directly From Facebook Messenger and Instagram DMs ...And Follow Up With Them Automatically!

  • Get Leads Directly From Web-Chat ...And Follow Up With Them Automatically!

  • Get Leads Directly From Inbound Calls And Texts ... And Follow Up With Them Automatically!

Step 2: follow up with our pre-built fully automated a.i. campaigns

Complete Multi-Step Campaigns With Pre-Written Copy Templates ...Ready To Go At The Press Of A Button. No "Tech Stuff" Needed!

  • Pre-built campaigns: short- and long term Buyer & seller campaigns to automagically follow up with all new leads to ensure you remain top of mind and in your contacts’ good graces

  • Appointment campaigns: Get face/phone time with potential sellers and interested buyers (to keep your pipeline full-up) and automatically send reminders for their booked time slot

  • Reputation campaigns: 2-click reputation-enhancing campaigns to drum up positive reviews from your best or newest clients (or automate it by linking it to completed appointments)

  • Prequalify potential buyers with our Buyer Ready Quiz: Only if you want higher-quality long-form leads

Step 3: send them to our pre-built funnels and high-converting web pages, forms, and surveys (Or Use Your Own!)

Funnels Help You Attract And Grow

  • A funnel starts with a single-focused landing page that is designed to get quality inbound leads to do one thing: sign up, buy your product, or use your service. One top mistake agents make is to go too broad and try to get a home buyer and seller from the same page.

  • The real estate marketing funnel is a system that helps you turn leads into clients. It starts with generating awareness among your target audience through marketing activities like Google and Facebook advertising, public relations, and content marketing.

  • Once you’ve caught their attention, you need to nurture your relationship with them by providing valuable information and resources.

    When they’re finally ready to buy or sell a property, you’ll be top of mind and they’ll contact you to help them with the transaction.

  • New funnels are being added all the time and you can also create your own web pages (and funnels) from scratch with our super-easy funnel builder. (It's what we used to build this page!)

Reach National & International Prospects

In Their Own Language

*Our ad templates and lead nurture campaigns are currently available in English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Danish, Portuguese, Czech, Russian, Turkish, Italian, and Polish.

Operate the Software in Real Time From Any Device

Receive all of your inbound calls with our iOS & Playstore Mobile App. Assign specific phone numbers to staff members and track calls. Text on the go to all your lead inquiries. The time-saving opportunities are endless.

  • Dedicated Business Number

  • Email, Video SMS, Calls, e.t.c

  • Drop Ringless Voicemails

  • Track All Leads & Calls

  • Complete View of Client


The A.I. Inbox identifies your most interested prospects and allows you to have real-time conversations with them over Email, Text, or Messenger.

It literally knows when they're just on the brink of buying ...and allows you to step in and answer questions and close the sale.

For example ...

Here Are Just A Few Of The Ways A.I. Inbox Can Help You Sell Even More!

  • If someone sends you a DM, A.I. Inbox can get their number and their email, and allow you to start a two-way conversation on any (or ALL) of those channels ...right there in the Inbox.

  • If someone goes to your property page, A.I. Inbox can email, call, or text them for you and ask if they have any questions. When they reply, you'll see their reply right there in the Inbox and you can start selling directly.

  • Let's say you send an email out that says "Open This If You're On The Fence". A.I. Inbox can track everyone who opens and then reach out to them with an offer to answer questions over email, chat, messenger, or phone. All of their replies are right there in the Inbox so everything is organized and super-simple. (This one tactic alone is a game-changer.)

  • If someone visits your scheduling page but doesn't book a call, A.I. Inbox can reach out by text, email, phone, or messenger and give you the chance to help the, find a better time (or just close them right there on the spot!)

  • If someone watches your webinar but doesn't book a personal consultation, the A.I. Inbox can reach out and ask them if they have questions or need help.

  • You're able to have complete two-way conversations across multiple channels ...in REAL TIME ...all from one Inbox.


Agencies Vs. Our Solution

  • No Money Back Guarantee

  • Lengthy contracts: 3-4 months.

  • Expensive: €2,000+/month.

  • Lead generation solution.

  • Inadequate communication.

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

  • No contracts

  • Affordable: Only €497/month.

  • Deal generation solution.

  • 24/7 personalized support.


Here's Everything You Get When You Use Sem Express A.I.

Proven Ads, Three Clicks - We offer a ready database of successful Facebook/Instagram & Google campaigns. These are designed to attract quality leads, and can be launched with just three clicks.

(Worth €1997)

Smart Lead Targeting - Our technology specializes in identifying prospective clients, focusing on quality and eligibility. It ensures your agents only interact with top-tier leads.

(Worth €1997)

AI Lead Nurturing - Our system is designed to handle conversational engagement, diligent follow-up, and appointment scheduling. It transforms leads into booked appointments without your agents needing to lift a finger.

(Worth €1997)

OmniPresent Lead Capture (get leads from web chat, SMS, Messenger, web forms, and more)

(Worth €1997)

Facebook and Instagram Messenger Integration

(Worth €1997)

Pre-Written and Fully Automated A.I. Follow Up Campaigns

(Worth €1997)

Pre-Built High Converting Funnel Templates

(Worth €1997)

The A.I. Inbox with Two-Way Multi-Channel Conversations

(Worth €1997)

Two-Way Texting

(Worth €1997)

Two-Way Messenger and DMs

(Worth €1997)

Two-Way Email Conversations

(Worth €1997)


(Worth €1997)

Monthly Plans Available, with no contracts!


Launch in as little as 2 Days...

1. Sign Up

Click the "Get Started Now" button, pick our turn key agency package, and sign up. Your login credentials and full access to your Sem Express Account will be unlocked.

2. Onboarding

We do the heavy lifting! Our support team will set up your entire account, get everything connected and have a comprehensive webinar to fully train your team, import your data, and help configure your system.

3. Start Closing

Unlock the power to automate your sales & marketing. Deploy proven to convert real estate marketing materials and leverage 50+ powerful features to generate more leads and close more deals!


Total Value: €24,000+

And not only is this incredibly valuable.

And easy to use ...

And built to SELL ...

It Also Replaces €2.945 In Costs

...Every Month!

If you were to pay someone to create these fully automated follow up campaigns for you ...and program all the "tech stuff" so that everything worked perfectly, it would easily cost at least €2,000.00 ...PER CAMPAIGN.

And that's not considering the value of the pre-written copy templates!

Say Goodbye to Marketing Agencies! Our solution gives you access to proven Facebook / Instagram & Google campaigns that you can launch with just three clicks. Forget about the expensive marketing agencies and their complex processes. Simply choose a campaign and watch as our system utilizes its AI capabilities to manage it all the way.

A traditional marketing agency will charge you anything from €1.000 to €5.000 per month to do what you can easily do yourself with our platform.

You're getting complete A.i. Lead Nurture campaigns in multiple languages ...all set up and ready to be tweaked and deployed. That's easily a €24,000 value.

The same can be said for the funnels. It costs about €2,000 to get someone to just design a funnel. And that's just for the layout and overall "look and feel".

The Savings ...

And there's also the fact that Sem Express A.I. REPLACES most (if not all) of the expensive software you're probably already paying for.

Think about it. A good funnel builder like Clickfunnels starts at €97. The pro version is €297. Solid page builders like Unbounce start at €90 a month and their cool version is €225. InstaPage is €199 a month.

And these tools are good. They're worth the money!

Then take a look at what solid email systems cost. ActiveCampaign is a good example. Their most popular plan is €149 a month. And if you have more than 2,500 people on your list, it gets more expensive. Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) is about the same. They start out at €169 per month and that's if you only have 1,500 people on your list! The same with HubSpot, they charge from €880 per month for a professional account.

And these services are great. They are 100% worth the money.

Now consider what you pay for web chat. A great web chat service is Intercom and their cheapest package is €79 per month ...and you have to pay annually!

Then think about messenger apps like ManyChat, scheduling software like Calendly, and two-way texting software like SlickText. They're all really great but boy do the costs add up! If you factor in services like those you're looking at an extra €200 per month ...and that's assuming you have a really small list!

Now think about video. Wistia, Vimeo, and other video players can cost anywhere from a few dozen dollars (if nobody watches your stuff) all the way up to thousands every month.

Sem Express hosts all your videos for you. Plus it tracks how long your prospects watch them ...and then follows up accordingly! That's another saving of hundreds (if not THOUSANDS) each month!

If you average it all out and add it all up,

This Replaces at Least €2.945 In Costs

...Every Month!

And what's really great is it's all under one system.

So you don't have to duct tape a bunch of stuff together and deal with the headaches that come with doing that.

And don't forget.

As good as all those other tools are, none of them have our pre-built templates and campaigns!

So not only are you saving money but you're also saving time.

Which is why using Sem Express A.I. is a really easy decision.

Founders Day Offer

Remaining Time For This Offer!

Agency Launch

Designed for the DIY person who prefer to set things up themselves and save a little money. It comes with a kickstart course, but it's pretty hands off.

€297 / Month

Actual Price €497 / Month

  • 2 Users

  • Facebook & Instagram Ad Launcher

  • Proven Ad Campaigns in 2 Languages*

  • Lead Nurture Campaigns in 2 Languages*

  • Automated Appointment Booking

  • Prebuilt Appointment Reminders Automation

  • Prebuilt Automation, Pipelines, Websites, Funnels, Forms and Surveys

  • AI Powered Follow Up

  • 1-On-1 Onboarding Over Zoom

  • Chat and Phone Support

  • Month to Month - No Contract

  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Note: If you want to upgrade your plan to Agency Scale then you need to pay Actual Price.

Agency Scale

Complete DFY setup where we will get all the pieces plugged in so all you have to do is flip the switch, obviously you're able to use it faster and start getting leads from day 1.

€497 / Month

Actual Price €797 / Month

  • Unlimited Users

  • Facebook, Instagram & Google Ad Launcher

  • Proven Ad Campaigns in All Languages*

  • Lead Nurture Campaigns in All Languages*

  • Automated Appointment Booking

  • Prebuilt Appointment Reminders Automation

  • Prebuilt Automation, Pipelines, Websites, Funnels, Forms and Surveys

  • AI Powered Follow Up

  • 1-On-1 Onboarding Over Zoom

  • Chat and Phone Support

  • Month to Month - No Contract

  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Separate SMS, WhatsApp & Email Rates May Apply

Separate SMS, WhatsApp & Email Rates May Apply


What our clients think...

"This is a tool that, as a business owner, I am confident will work every time."

"The campaigns are so simple & easy to create... It's unbelievable."

"This is like a follow-up nurture sequence on steroids."

"Best Marketing Automation platform for small and medium agents or teams."

"A very powerful software that helps us save time, automate processes, scale the business."

"This is like a follow-up nurture sequence on steroids."


Integrate Sem Express AI with Tools You Already

Love With Our Custom Integration And Zapier!


Discover all the answers you need in one convenient place

I struggle with Tech! Will I be able to use it!

YES! We'll show you how! Our Community is full of non-techies who have struggled with tech for years, and have never been able to reach their full potential because tech has held them back. Within our Lead Gen U we show you step by step exactly what you need to do to build components for your business. We do it, you copy, using loads of included templates. Plus we have LIVE CHAT 24/7, so when you need help, we're here!

What type of support & help can I expect?

We offer LIVE CHAT, a Help Library with hundreds of training videos and step by step tutorials, LIVE CoWorking Sessions where you can jump on a Zoom call with us and a very active Support Community where you can ask questions at any time. On top of that, all Users get access to our Lead Gen U, our coaching program that teaches you how to build your business. We show you what to do and then you copy! Our training is easy to follow and many of our Users have been able to achieve things with tech that they never thought possible.

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